About me

Hey, I’m Oliver 👋

My valuesLink to the My values section of this page

I believe that software developers have the ability to make the world a better place by creating code that is intuitive, inclusive and accessible.

I want to use my skills to have a positive impact.

In 2022 I reverted to Islam, and as a Muslim my primary objective in this life is to worship God by doing good deeds and seeking knowledge.

My tech origin storyLink to the My tech origin story section of this page

All the way back in the early days of the internet, I was selected to participate in a Microsoft study focused on young internet users. This experience sparked my enthusiasm for all things tech and opened my eyes to the exciting world of code and software development.

My interestsLink to the My interests section of this page

The internet, charity work, DEI, accessibility, literature, philosophy, politics, health and diet.

ConnectingLink to the Connecting section of this page

Please feel free to schedule a call with me or message me about anything, I’d love the opportunity to connect.